If you ask for two of popular free movies online services, I can show you them: Netflix and Hulu – they are a great resource of movies and TV shows, but occasionally you will can’t find ones you need in Netflix and Hulu which make you gradually lose the interest.

If you realize your resourcefulness, you will grab your laptop, computer or mobile devices and open your Internet browser, but what should you go? There are millions of sites out there that have already promised to offer a lot of free movies online and TV shows which are high-quality, yet most are just as trustworthy as they are legal — i.e. not at all. This post will give you the solution to this problem – one of the most convenient services that you will very comfortable with it – how about Vimeo?

Vimeo: general information

YouTube nowadays becomes a well-known video-hosting service, because of both advantages and disadvantages. YouTube might be the biggest video-hosting site, but talking about the quality, it is definite to mention Vimeo. Yeah, they are fighting words, but Vimeo has the muscle to back them up.

The site dons a clean layout that is devoid of advertisements and benefits from an active user community that is widely considered more professional and constructive than YouTube is. From this community emerges a lot of great original short and feature-length free online movies. Vimeo also has an On-Demand section where users can purchase full-length free movies online and TV shows. In spite of a large number of movies and TV shows which are independently produced by Vimeo users, some offerings are stills produced by major studios as well. After all, using Vimeo is a great choice for you to find high – quality free online movies without paying any costs.

Vimeo: good features

The more professional user community

As you have known, movies and TV shows on Vimeo are almost independently produced by Vimeo users. This shows that although this community is smaller than other video-hosting services’, especially YouTube, Netflix and Hulu, the movies and TV shows are still remaining high-quality. Vimeo users are friendly enthusiasts, so you are about to watch free movies online comfortably if you tend to use this video – hosting service. This is a community that cares a lot about the quality of products.

Great protecting system

One more thing that makes Vimeo more convenient and safer for users is that they help people to protect their own videos from many risks. When you use Vimeo, you can set a password for your videos, and without this password, no one can see them. It seems that YouTube also have this feature – but between these two settings have a difference: with Vimeo, you are not required to log in to your account to be able to see it, all you have to do is remembering the password.

Apart from the basic membership, you also can buy Vimeo Plus with $ 9.99 per month and Vimeo PRO with $199 per year. This is another way for people to have various selections.

More enthusiastic layouts and no advertisements

Vimeo creates its own layouts that are divided depends on the differences between other genres. By this time you can also enjoy this by seeing and watching free movies online or TV shows you like without being distracted by other genres like when you use YouTube and other videos – hosting sites.

And: no advertisements. When you watch free online movies or TV shows free you using other videos – hosting sites, you can find a lot of distracting banners or some commercial disruptions in it, but by using Vimeo, this stage will no longer appear.

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