Sony Pictures has gotten its wish with the MPAA officially rating the upcoming “Venom” film a PG-13, while the film’s runtime has also been revealed with it clocking in at 112 minutes according to AMC Theaters.

Despite the film being about a dark antihero who effectively eats people, the PG-13 was expected as Sony wishes to one day have Venom face off with Spider-Man – and the latter won’t be appearing in an R rated film. It also keeps the film open to a teen audience.

How the decision will go with critics isn’t known at this point, but box-office tracking wise interest in the Tom Hardy-led comic book adaptation is huge. Current estimates have the film targeting an opening weekend around the $60-70 million range – which would make it the highest-grossing opening weekend in October history.

The film will open opposite Bradley Cooper’s fourth iteration of “A Star is Born” which is coming off rave reviews at Fall film festivals. That film is eyeing a highly impressive $25-30 million launch.

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